Wisbech Nursery June 2016

28th June 2016

Babies In the baby unit we have been having lots of fun outside in our garden, enjoying the nice weather that we have had. We have been having lots of water play with different resources such as the bath toys, animals and bubbles. We really enjoy splashing! We also like to have some time relaxing […]

Wisbech Nursery April 2016 Toddlers

28th June 2016

Toddler 2 This month’s we’ve been looking at ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ book. We counted the fruit in the book and then we’ve had the same fruits for snack. We had lots of fun helping adults to prepare the snack and then choose the fruit we like. We’ve looked at the book and decided that […]

Peterborough Nursery June 2016

Baby in the Sawdust
28th June 2016

Babies The babies have done apple printing to discover different outlines, as well as developing the babies fine motor skills. We have also been exploring sawdust, using spades and different shaped containers to fill. During our snack times, we have been eating different fruits to explore different flavours and textures whilst being healthy. Little Toddlers […]

March Nursery June 2016 Toddlers and Pre-School

28th June 2016

Big Toddlers We have been spending more time in the garden due to the lovely weather! Exploring the new resources that have been created for us by our handyman David. We loved dancing on the stage and performing to our friends, we have also been making lots of sounds using our music wall exploring the […]

Wisbech Spring Term 2016

20th May 2016

Toddler unit In the Toddler 1 unit we have been implementing Mathematics into our play. We have been investigating shapes, colours and have took part in an activity we called ‘Bubble-Wrap Runway’. Placing various coloured shapes underneath a long runway of bubble wrap, we took our shoes off to make this activity sensory themed, as […]

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