Having Fun at Blackberries March

3rd June 2015

Toddlers We have been getting Messy! We have been exploring how something can change when we add or take away from it. We explored the porridge with pots and pans, filling up the pans and role playing with our friends making birthday cakes and singing to them. Next we added water to the porridge and […]

Annual Staff Award Ceremony February 2015

Wisbech - Sally Shipley - Accounts Team
12th May 2015

Our Annual Staff Award evening saw our Outstanding Nursery teams from Wisbech, March and Peterborough alongside our Head Office Support Teams enjoy a much deserved night of celebrations at the Crown Lodge Hotel, Outwell, Cambridgeshire. In recognition of “Making a Difference” Winners: Wisbech: Sally Shipley – Accounts Team Kate Tilbrook – Head of Under Twos […]

Spring Term at Peterborough

8th May 2015

Big Toddlers We have been looking at ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We have been looking closely at the illustrations, telling our own stories, guessing what’s going to happen and talking about the familiar things we can see in the story. We have been inspired by the book to draw pictures of our […]

Spring Term at Wisbech

8th May 2015

Baby Unit As part of tummy time we investigated the sensory balls which flash different coloured lights, as we rolled them I was able to shuffle round to tap and catch them. We have been investigating scrunchies in the paint; we explored various ways of making marks and helping to build our confidence with messy […]

Spring Term at March

8th May 2015

Pre-School While exploring our garden, pre-school found a wiggly worm! So we went on a hunt around the garden to see if we could find any more. We had 4 pots with numbers 1 to 4 on. We looked under the logs for the worms and counted out the correct amount to go in each […]

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