Ofsted URN: EY494606

Welcome to our acclaimed March Nursery, recognised with an Outstanding rating from Ofsted and proudly serving as a cherished nursery since September 2005. Nestled in the heart of central March, Cambridgeshire, our secure and welcoming environment ensures convenient accessibility for all families, making it an optimal choice for local and working parents alike. Our alignment with our Early Years Education curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) helps your children prepare for school.

For our youngest members, our Baby Units provide a nurturing space where infants receive tender care and encouragement as they embark on their initial steps in learning. Bright and cheerful day rooms are equipped with an array of sensory and exploratory toys, fostering each baby’s innate curiosity and their journey to understand the world around them.

In the Toddler Units, vibrant and spacious environments are designed to captivate these energetic learners, illustrating that learning is both fascinating and enjoyable. Our skilled practitioners engage warmly with the children, guiding them to explore and encouraging the realisation of their full potential through a play-based curriculum.

As children progress to the Pre-school stage, our play environments continue to facilitate learning tailored to their interests and needs. Our outstanding play-based curriculum aligns with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements, supporting comprehensive learning and development.

Join us at Blackberries, where excellence in childcare meets a vibrant and supportive learning environment for your child’s developmental journey.

Nursery Features

Registered Limit –

Forest School

Outdoor Play

Home from Home Environment

Step into a warm and inviting atmosphere that mirrors the comfort of home.

Our Nursery creates a ‘Home from Home’ environment where children feel secure, valued, and free to express themselves.

We prioritise a nurturing atmosphere that encourages exploration, curiosity, and the development of essential life skills.

Calm & Caring Baby Unit

Tranquil environment tailored for the comfort of infants.

Highly trained and nurturing staff committed to your baby’s well-being.

Individualised care plans to address each baby’s unique needs.

Onsite Forest School

Immersive outdoor learning experience amidst nature.

Curriculum designed to foster a deep connection with the environment.

Unique hands-on activities promoting creativity and curiosity.

Blackberries School Readiness Programme

Developed by qualified teachers with expertise in early childhood education.

Comprehensive curriculum preparing children for a smooth transition to school.

Focus on cognitive, social, and emotional development, ensuring well-rounded readiness.

Nursery App

Open-ended communication channel for real-time updates on your child’s day-to-day activities.

Immediate notifications for important milestones and achievements.

Seamless parent-practitioner interaction to ensure constant involvement in your child’s development.

Meet The Team


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Head of Pre-School

Nursery Details

Blackberry House
12 The Causeway,
PE15 9NT

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday between 07:30am – 18:00pm