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Wisbech Nursery June 2018

29th June 2018

Under Twos This month in the Under Two’s Units we have been enjoying our theme of animals and pets. The children have taken part in many creative activities, where we created our own pet animals, as well as used the small world pets to make marks with. The children have brought in pictures of their […]

Wisbech Nursery May 2018

25th May 2018

Under Two’s This month in under 2’s our theme has been Mini-Beasts. The children have enjoyed exploring the outdoor spaces to see what different mini beasts we can find and have also been exploring small world Mini-Beasts in a variety of materials such as rice, lentils and soil. We enjoyed getting creative by making our […]

Wisbech Nursery April 2018

26th April 2018

Under Twos The Under Two’s Units have been focusing on the seasons Spring and Summer, getting creative making some beautiful Spring and Summer artwork. Using a range of mark-making methods and materials, the children have been choosing paint colours to making some fabulous flowers. We have been investigating our outdoor environments to find lots of […]

Wisbech Nursery March 2018

29th March 2018

Under Two’s This month in under 2’s, we have been learning all about Farm Animals. The children have been exploring farm animals in a variety of ways such as in paint, in gloop, in cereals and in shaving foam. They have been experimenting with mark making by making footprint trails with by printing the small […]

Wisbech Nursery February 2018

1st March 2018

Under two’s This month in the Baby and Little Toddler units we have been learning all about Zoo Animals, where we have been reading our core story “Dear Zoo”. The children have enjoyed exploring the small world zoo animals in many different types of sensory trays which have included paint, rice, lentils and oats as […]

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