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Nestled in the charming historic Old Village at the heart of Corby, our brand-new nursery offers a prime location. Our purpose-built facility provides an inviting atmosphere, fostering a warm and stimulating environment for children to flourish, grow, and prepare for school, ensuring they embark on life with the best possible start. Our alignment with our Early Years Education curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) helps your children prepare for school

Baby Unit

Toddler Unit

Our well-equipped nursery boasts a range of facilities tailored to meet the needs of children at each stage of their developmental journey. From a tranquil sleeping area for moments of rest to rooms brimming with exciting learning opportunities, we have crafted an environment that caters to every aspect of a child’s development.

All our planned resources and activities align with the  Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum framework, and the nursery setting benefits from the guidance of qualified teachers. Ensuring a comprehensive and structured approach, our curriculum framework promotes optimal learning experiences for all children.

Pre-School Unit

Stay connected and engaged with your child’s experiences through our Parent Zone app. Meticulously designed, this app allows your child’s key worker to share regular updates on day-to-day activities and celebrate significant milestones achieved during their time at the nursery. Don’t miss a single moment of your child’s journey with us.

Nursery Features

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Forest School

Outdoor Play

Historic Nursery Building With Onsite Forest School

Our historic nursery building provides a unique and charming environment that fosters a sense of tradition and comfort, creating a memorable and enriching experience for your child.

Immerse your child in nature with our onsite Forest School, offering an outdoor learning experience that promotes creativity, curiosity, and a deep connection with the natural world.

Acres of dedicated play space ensure that your child has ample room to explore, play, and socialise, fostering physical activity and a sense of freedom in a secure environment.

Calm & Caring Baby Unit

Tranquil environment tailored for the comfort of infants.

Highly trained and nurturing staff committed to your baby’s well-being.

Individualised care plans to address each baby’s unique needs.

Separate Sleep Room

Dedicated, peaceful sleep space for each child.

Specialised sleep routines to promote healthy sleeping habits.

Enhanced safety measures for a secure and restful environment.

Blackberries School Readiness Programme

Developed by qualified teachers with expertise in early childhood education.

Comprehensive curriculum preparing children for a smooth transition to school.

Focus on cognitive, social, and emotional development, ensuring well-rounded readiness.

Nursery App

Open-ended communication channel for real-time updates on your child’s day-to-day activities.

Immediate notifications for important milestones and achievements.

Seamless parent-practitioner interaction to ensure constant involvement in your child’s development.

Meet The Team


Area SEN Manager


Duty Nursery Manager & Head of Under 2’s


Head of Pre-School & Duty Manager


Early Years’ Quality & Curriculum Lead


Room Leader

Nursery Details

Blackberry House Day & Forest School
2 The Nook,
NN17 1XA

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Monday to Friday between 07:30am – 18:00pm