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Nutritional Meals from Apetito

Coming soon to Blackberry House Day Nursery

Blackberries need food for the children that we know is safe to eat. Through our partnership with Apetito we’re safe in the knowledge this is the case every time.

Their strict standards and procedures ensure traceability of ingredients and maintain food safety.

Increased Food Quality while Reducing Costs

Blackberries is proud to say its looking after parents pockets by reducing costs to you. Meal Bundles are now cheaper across all settings and includes two nutritious hot meals for Lunch & Tea and a scumptious dessert to accompany each hot meal.

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Apetito’s fresh chef-prepared meals have samples taken from each batch of food, analysed in their Laboratories to ensure each batch of food is safe.

Through these regular audits on raw matericals and in the region of 3000 daily checks performed on ingredidents the cooking processes.

Apetito are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing and to minimise their impact on the environment by using the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

With Apetito we can provide food to cater to all allergens and intolerances. We can remove risk whilst giving you peace of mind that your children are tucking into safe and tasty meals.

Below is a Tasty Sample of whats on offer. We will advertising our menu selections shortly. Save money and take away the worry of packed lunches, sign up your child today to enjoy our delicious meals, just fill out the Food change form below.

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Food Change Form

Childs Name:

Date of Birth:


Which days do you want your child to have hot meals?






Are you wanting Lunch, Tea or Both (Food Bundle)?

Lunch - New Lower Costs Across All Settings (includes hot nutritious main meal with a scrumptious dessert)

Tea - New Lower Costs Across All Settings (includes another hot nutritious main meal with a scrumptious dessert)

Food Bundle - New Lower Costs Across All Settings (Includes both the above)

Does your child have any Food Allergies Or Food Intolerances?

If Yes, then please inform enter details here

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