Blackberry House Day Nursery


Blackberry House Day Nursery

Blackberry House Day Nursery is the leading outstanding nursery provider for children from 0-5years in Wisbech, March and Peterborough. We believe that children learn first from their parents and that it is important to carry this through into our nurseries that are staffed by our exceptional qualified team.

Awarded Outstanding by Ofsted 2013  “Thoughtful teaching ensures children make outstanding progress from their initial starting points. Children’s communication, language, personal and physical skills develop rapidly as they take part in delightful activities which offer them fantastic learning opportunities” Visit our News Pages to find out more, download our recent Ofsted report!

Our Daycare facilities offer:

2 – 4 year old Nursery Funding Places Claim up to 30 hours FUNDED childcare per week!

Our Additional Activities Music and Movement, Sport and Cooking Activities for Toddlers and Pre-school are hosted in conjunction with our own Practitioners and Qualified Coaches.

Our Lullabies and Tummy Time for Babies is delivered with  special time set aside each day by own Practitioners plays a critical role in enabling babies to develop sensory, visual and movement control, helping to strengthen the muscles in the legs, arms, back and neck and to establish head control This eventually helps babies to push up, roll and move into a crawling position and in turn helps develop shoulder stability, hand strength and coordination.

Our Indoor &  Outdoor Play Spaces boast Sensory, It and Music rooms and natural wonderful outdoor woodland play areas for all ages. We are moving forward into 2020 with our new Learning ethos Forest Schools. Forest schools give freedom, space and natural resources for children to plan and promote their own physical development through play and to allow children the time and space to develop skills, interest and understanding through a range of activities which provide practical, hands-on experiences in a natural environment both indoors and out.

Our Food – All our home cooked food is prepared on site by our qualified chefs following the School Food Trust’s Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Settings in England.

Free Breakfast for all parents and children starting the day off on the right foot. Come and join us, free coffee and breakfast for our busy parents too!

Our Big Kids Before and After School Club for all children from 4-7 years 

Come and see us for yourself.

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