Blackberry House Day Nursery

To provide inspiring childcare and education nurturing each child’s qualities and potential 

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Covid 19 Updates

Following the Government Guidance for the second Lockdown announcement, we are pleased to still welcome all families to Blackberries offering safe, enjoyable session bubbles for your child.

Why choose Blackberries

Blackberry House Day Nursery is the leading Nursery provider for children aged from 0-5 years in Wisbech, March, Corby and Peterborough. We believe that children learn first from their parents and that it is important to carry this through into our Nurseries that are staffed by our exceptional qualified team.

Our Ethos

Our ethos at Blackberries is “To Provide Inspiring Childcare Education Nurturing each Child’s Qualities and Potential”


Our Environments

At Blackberry House Day Nursery, we create a warm, nurturing, caring and educational environment that stimulates your child and we believe that every child has the right to a healthy and happy childhood. We ensure that your child feels individually valued and supported to achieve their fullest potential.



Our Baby Room is a calm, warm, and stimulating environment for our babies, where they feel loved and cared for, as they begin their ‘Blackberries Journey’.

Exploration and learning at this age is all about using the senses, so our activities are very hands on so our youngest children and can feel, hear, touch, smell and taste to support their learning.



With our bright, open spaces, our Toddlers discover the world around them, within our indoor and outdoor environments, as well as making new friends.

Toddlers they learn best through experience and play, sitting still is not an option, practitioners take a hands-on approach to supporting our toddlers to learn, by using the real-life environment to engage their interest and make the learning valuable.




Helping our Children prepare for school is an important part of what happens in Pre-school.

School readiness is a big part of the pre-school everyday routine, exploring maths and literacy throughout activities to recognise numbers and letters, but also life, independence skills, putting their own coats and shoes on, and social communication skills also.


Forest Schools

Our aim here at Blackberries is to develop and enrich children’s learning outside the classroom. Blackberries are committed to the importance of enabling children to experience the world beyond the classroom as an integral and essential part of their Early Years Development.

At Blackberry House Day Nursery we are proud of our onsite woodland areas, enabling us to intertwine our unique Forest School Learning into Children’s Play, Learning and Development.

Forest School learning is well embedded at Blackberries with children of all ages exploring our Forest School sessions.

Meet the Team:


Nursery Group Founder


Operations Director


Director of Childcare

My name is Abi, I have been working within the childcare industry for over 17 years. Throughout my career, I’ve undertaken various roles, managing multiple nursery provisions and collaborating with renowned corporate entities such as Bright Horizons and Grandir UK. My job role consists of providing high-quality education and care for young children ensuring our Nursery Group offers safe, enabling environments to support diverse learning opportunities.


Head of Early Years’

My name is Hannah, and I have been working within the childcare industry for over 8 years. As the Head of Early Years, I play a pivotal role in shaping the educational and developmental experiences of young children. I design and implement age-appropriate curriculums, ensuring it aligns with educational standards and promotes holistic development along with fostering a stimulating learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity, and social interaction.

I support in overseeing the assessment and tracking of each child’s progress, ensuring individualised attention and support, collaborating with early years educators and specialists to identify and address developmental needs and challenges of children.


Head Office Manager

My name is Charlotte for the last 5 years I have been an Office Manager in the Construction Industry and I have extensive experience in an administrative environment. My role includes supporting the Finance and Administration Team dealing with childcare account queries, auditing files ensuring the overall processes are being followed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask ?


Group Training Co-Ordinator

My name is Alisha and I hold a BA Honours Degree, level 6, in Early Years Childhood Studies and have experience working at Blackberries previously and have also participated in teaching and training new practitioners as they enter the workplace. I am passionate about promoting the importance and relevance of early years education and enjoy staying informed and up to date on developments of early years pedagogy, research and benefits towards the best way to approach childcare and encourage children’s development.


Nursery Manager – March

Hi, my name is Zoe, my passion lies in providing the highest quality of care to the children under our supervision and being an integral part of their lives. Witnessing their growth and development, from infancy to the completion of Pre-School, brings me immense joy and fulfilment.

I have over 9 years of experience in various childcare settings, I am equipped with a wealth of knowledge and skills, and I am committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment where every child can thrive, learn, and flourish.


Group Funding Co-ordinator

My name is Fallon, I have over twenty years of experience in Early Years and have been a part of Blackberries Childcare Group for over 17 years. I support the Nursery Group as our Funding Co-Ordinator and hold a Level 3 Qualification in Childcare

October Newsletter 2023

This month the children have been busy exploring our Autumn topic of Marvellous Me. This has been an exciting opportunity to get to know our children and their families as they have settled further into the term with us.


August Newsletter 2023

During the month of August, the children have been busy in the nature garden looking at the story The Tiny Seed. The children have then planted their own seeds in the garden and have been watching...

July Newsletter 2023

The children have had a fantastic month exploring a variety of educational learning opportunities based on their individual interests. The children have been enjoying the varied weather and exploring the outdoor environments through a range of activities which has led to some amazing outdoor learning opportunities. There have been lots of spider and bug hunts around the garden, which has then led to spider sensory trays and looking at the shapes in the environment around them.


June Newsletter 2023

This month the children have had a fantastic time with their learning opportunities provided through their current interests. Lots of time has been spent outside enjoying the varied weather from basking in the sun to splashing in the puddles.


May Newsletter 2023

The children have enjoyed a fun-packed month this month enjoying a range of activities through their own interest and curiosity. During the month of May, we have celebrated the King’s Coronation, World Environment Day, Ocean’s Day, Make Music Day, and plenty of Out and About trips to our wider communities.


MySmile Parents Newsletter

My Smile is an accreditation awarded to early years settings that implement the four steps of the award. These create a tooth friendly environment for young children, helping to protect their oral health.


Forest School Newsletter June 2021

It has been a great month here at Blackberries, the little explorers have been very busy learning all about their natural environments and how these have been changing as the weather changes.


Forest Schools May 2021

Another fun packed month in forest school this month at Blackberries. The children have been enjoying the large range of weather we have been experiencing, learning so much about the affect this has on our environments.


Forest School Newsletter April 2021

Another busy month for all Blackberries mini explorers, where the children have been focusing on the wildlife that grows in our nature areas.


Forest School Website Update March 2021

Wow what a busy month all the children have had taking part in Forest School activities. The children have been exploring how the environment changes as Spring has started, as a group the children...

Forest School Newsletter December 2020

Throughout December, the children have enjoyed using our wonderful Forest School areas despite the colder weather. The Children have been exploring the affects seasons have on mother nature and how we can look after the nature around us.


Forest Schools Update October 2020

Throughout October, the children have been exploring fires and the magic that comes with them. Being prepared is key; – fires are risky, but if well planned for they can become a part of normal routine.