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Peterborough Nursery February 2019

28th February 2019

During the month of February, our younger children have been exploring the colour red using a variety of different media. We have been enjoying the Nursery rhyme The Queen of hearts.

Peterborough Nursery January 2019

31st January 2019

Mixing, stirring and pouring were all part of the children’s play in our mud kitchen. Mud Play is important for children to develop and practice their fine and gross motor skills, increase awareness of their senses, particularly touch, improve hand/ eye coordination and develop their social and emotional skills, including taking turns and leading/following directions.

Peterborough Nursery December 2018

8th January 2019

We have been getting in the festive spirit ready for Christmas, we held our annual Christmas party with a variety of activities for the children and parents to participate in. Santa visited our nursery and the children all were given a present.

Peterborough Nursery November 2018

4th December 2018

To help support your child’s learning and interests, please see out have ago at home section in the reception for a range of recipes.

Peterborough Nursery October 2018 | Aliens Love Underpants

aliens love underpants
23rd October 2018

Aliens Love Underpants – by Claire Freeman and Ben Cart
You can visit your local library for a story session and to loan this book out, if not try accessing our books for bedtime scheme.

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