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Peterborough Nursery August 2018

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Under Two’s

This month in the under two’s we have enjoying exploring different sensory experiences of playdough, shaving foam and mud. The children have really enjoyed the playdough-making process. To add different sensory features, we added glitter, food colouring and a variety of scents to develop the children’s sensory experience further. The children all had a turn in pouring the ingredients into the bowl and then mixing the ingredients together. Once we had made the playdough we added playdough cutters and rolling pins for the children to make marks in the playdough.

Big Toddlers

This month we have been exploring many different sensory activities over the past few weeks including shaving foam, mud and water play. The children have had lots of fun exploring the sensory trays, and had a go at describing the textures they were feeling. The children also really enjoyed the water play, and enjoyed making bubbles by splashing with the ducks. We had ducks and fish in the water-tray along with bubbles.


The pre-school children have continued to explore the weather this month, it has been another hot month and we have even had the chance to splash in some puddles! We put our wellies on and made splashes with our friends. We have also been learning about wheat and flour, we have been exploring the freshly picked wheat and grinding it down in a pessle and mortor to create “flour” we spoke about the different foods that have flour, such as bread and cakes.


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