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Peterborough Nursery July 2019

sun flower
31st July 2019

The children this month have finished off their own masterpiece, they have been reading “Katie and then sunflowers” and have been creating their own inspiration by “Vincent Van Gogh” we used a variety of materials to create our masterpiece and then have been proudly displaying it for our families to see.

Peterborough Nursery June 2019

1st July 2019

During the month of June, we said goodbye to our butterflies, the children watched the process of metamorphosis and then released them into the garden.

Peterborough Nursery May 2019

3rd June 2019

During the month of May we have had some special visitors arrive; the children have been looking after their own caterpillars.

Peterborough Nursery April 2019

1st May 2019

During the month of April, we have been exploring various sensory trays relating to bugs and the environment. The children have been on bug hunts in the garden and have participated in our garden club planting their seeds to grow and look after.

Peterborough Nursery March 2019

1st April 2019

Spring is such a wonderful time of year. Our children have been busy exploring the world around them springing into life after the winter.
Our babies and toddlers have been exploring sensory water trays with flower petals and during our Mother’s Day stay and play used flowers as a means of mark making.

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