Peterborough Nursery March 2019

Apr 1, 2019News, Peterborough Latest News

Spring is such a wonderful time of year. Our children have been busy exploring the world around them springing into life after the winter.
Our babies and toddlers have been exploring sensory water trays with flower petals and during our Mother’s Day stay and play used flowers as a means of mark making.

We have also enjoyed participating in British Science Week watching chemical reactions with Bicarbonate and vinaigrette.

Our older children have enjoyed nature walks looking for signs of Spring. They also collect sticks and branches to make a ‘log pile house’ for the snake in their core story the Gruffalo.

To help support your child’s learning and interests at home try reading;

This months supporting story is Kate and the Sunflowers

We are planning sunflower seeds and watching them grow as part of our gardening club.

Why not join in at home.