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Peterborough Nursery October 2019

31st October 2019

It has been a busy month with trips out and about in the community. We have been exploring the local environment searching for various leaves and exploring the change in weather. The children have then used the items they found for various activities back at nursery.

Peterborough Nursery September 2019

30th September 2019

We have welcomed some of parents in for our termly play and stay event, our topics were “all about me” and this month we have been focusing on getting to know each other and making friends.

Peterborough Nursery August 2019

30th August 2019

We have had a busy month with educational trips for our pre-school children, we visited the Earth at the Cathedral, leading on from our previous visits to their events when they showcased the moon.

Peterborough Nursery July 2019

sun flower
31st July 2019

The children this month have finished off their own masterpiece, they have been reading “Katie and then sunflowers” and have been creating their own inspiration by “Vincent Van Gogh” we used a variety of materials to create our masterpiece and then have been proudly displaying it for our families to see.

Peterborough Nursery June 2019

1st July 2019

During the month of June, we said goodbye to our butterflies, the children watched the process of metamorphosis and then released them into the garden.

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