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Film Awards: 3rd July 2014

21st July 2014

The nursery entered the Peterborough Children’s Film Awards Under the Early Years Group, section Nursery Rhymes. The nursery staff worked hard to achieve the short film. Our Future stars coach Vicki Mason worked weekly with the children practising the BIG SHIP ALLEY O’. The children enjoyed singing, dancing, using props and becoming acting film directors! […]

Messy Play June 2014

21st July 2014

Our nursery children love getting their hands dirty while exploring the world around them! Messy play helps children in so many ways, it’s a great way to relax, helps children express their feelings, encourages children to experiment with different materials, learn about texture and develop hand-eye coordination or practice the skills of pouring, measuring and […]

Play Dough Fun June 2014

21st July 2014

Our children make their own “No Cook Play dough” join in our fun and make your own at home! Please remember to ensure you take care when adding the water. Ingredients 1 cup of flour 1/2 cup of salt 2 tbs of cream of tartar 1 tbs of oil Food colouring 1 cup of boiling […]

Science Experiment June 2014

21st July 2014

Science is a broad and exciting subject especially for young children, who are naturally curious and have questioning minds. We love to provide a wide range of experiences to our children in the early years so that they can begin to develop their scientific knowledge. Pre-schoolers are naturally wonderful at asking questions about the world […]

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