Blackberry House Day Nursery Celebrated its Successes in 2013.

Feb 24, 2014March Latest News, Peterborough Latest News, Wisbech Latest News

  • Peterborough Ofsted OUTSTANDING Award June 2013
  • Wisbech Ofsted OUTSTANDING Award August 2013
  • Fenland Business of the Year finalist 2013
  • Peterborough 1st Anniversary

Blackberry House Day Nursery Staff enjoyed a Celebration Awards evening hosted at the Crown Lodge Hotel Outwell.

The company celebrated its achievements during 2013 with two OUTSTANDING Ofsted awards for its Day Nurseries in Wisbech and Peterborough and becoming a finalist in the revered Fenland Business of the Year Award 2013.

Company Director Debbie Hutler honoured her staff for their contribution towards Blackberries OUTSTANDING success:

  • Recognition of Exemplary Leadership and Devotion of Time and Dedication – Senior Nursery Manager Heidi King (Wisbech)
  • Recognition of OUTSTANDING ACCOMPLISHMENTS – Nursery Manager Polly Mallett (Peterborough)
  • Recognition of Making Difference 2013 – Elyse Knight and Kamila Cholewa (Wisbech)
  • Recognition of Contribution to Management and Setting Practice 2013 – Tanya Thorn (Peterborough)
  • Recognition of Appreciation to Early Years Practice 2013 – Nursery Manager Nichola Edwards (March)

The night was enjoyed by all with dancing to live entertainer Peter Jay and an excellent Buffet.