Peterborough Nursery December 2019

Little Chefs
16th January 2020

During little chefs cooking club the children made mince pies and melted snowmen. Some of the preschool children took a trip to the local garden centre to select and purchase a Christmas tree for the nursery where the children decorated it with their home made decorations.

Forest School December 2019

Forest trees
24th December 2019

Throughout December, the children have enjoyed using the Forest School area, they have been exploring the weather, through walking through the frosty leaves, to watching the ice melt, that was formed through puddles.

Wisbech Nursery December 2019

24th December 2019

Throughout December, our children have been participating in lots of Festive activities. Their Core stories for this month have been That’s not my snowman by Fiona Watt for the Under Two’s and The night before Christmas by Clement C Moore for the Over Two’ The children have been captivated by the magic of Christmas at story time.

March Nursery December 2019

24th December 2019

During December our Under Two’s have been focusing on their core nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star. The children have looked at a variety of sensory trays and bottles to see what different stars they could find. The children have also been joining in by clapping their hands.

Peterborough Nursery November 2019

4th December 2019

The nursery children continue to their trips to the Tudor care home, they have been decorating biscuits, playing parachute games along with rhyme times.

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