Wisbech Nursery July 2020

3rd August 2020

We have had such a lovely month welcoming back some of our friends into phase 2 and we have been very busy exploring our projects within our bubble groups.

March Nursery July 2020

3rd August 2020

What a wonderful month it has been, it has been great to welcome back some more children in phase 2.

Peterborough Nursery July 2020

3rd August 2020

Our under two children have been exploring reflective and water play. The babies have enjoyed looking at their reflections with the adults helping to develop language by talking about their facial features “Nose” “Eyes”.

Wisbech Nursery June 2020

23rd June 2020

Our June Core story throughout the Nursery, has been Elmer and his different adventures. Elmer, is a story about an elephant that becomes unhappy because he wants to be like his friends but then he realises that it is okay to be different.

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