Going Green

Going Green in 2020

We are switching to cotton aprons for the staff, these are to be worn at snack time, lunch and dinner. This will reduce the amount of plastic aprons by 60% across all settings.

Blackberries are starting 2020 on investing into our little one’s future! We have already taken some steps towards helping the environment. Across all three settings we use reusable cups and encourage the children to bring in their own water bottles so they can access them throughout the day. By doing so we have stopped using 4,500 plastic cups!

There are currently 31,000 baby wipes being used across all settings. We will be changing to Bio-degradable wipes in the new year and cutting down on how we use them, for example the children will use reusable cloths to clean their hands and faces.

We are adapting to a “switch it off” system, encouraging all members of staff to turn lights and appliances off when they’re not in use.

With our new Forest School and ethos, we are encouraging outdoor learning and exploring. This gives the children the opportunity to learn about their natural environment and the importance of respecting and caring for the environment. Blackberries are adding more recycling bins to encourage the children to recycle and have a scrap corner where they can be creative and build models from the recycled rubbish. Across each setting we are building our own composed heap which can be used in gardening and to help grow our own vegetables.

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