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Wisbech Spring Term 2016

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Toddler unit

In the Toddler 1 unit we have been implementing Mathematics into our play. We have been investigating shapes, colours and have took part in an activity we called ‘Bubble-Wrap Runway’.

Placing various coloured shapes underneath a long runway of bubble wrap, we took our shoes off to make this activity sensory themed, as at this age the children learn well through their senses. The toddlers showed great interest in exploring the bubble wrap, and they enjoyed choosing ways to explore the resource. Some children chose to pop the bubble wrap using other resources, such as cars. We used keywords such as naming the colours and shapes as we move along the runway, and also explored with different types of movement, such as running, jumping and crawling.

Toddler Unit

In Toddler 1 unit we have been exploring the soft play blocks. We have been building towers and constructing walls as well as naming colours and shapes as we build to extend on our Mathematics topic. We also incorporated numbers through counting the blocks as we stacked them. The children also showed a great interest in building a pathway and steps, which was used to support their balance and coordination. An enjoyment was also showed in placing the blocks back into the box, this giant puzzle was enjoyed by all!


In Pre-school we have been busy with our Constructions area – we have been exploring our new construction area outside, dressing in our builder hats and googles and using the different tools.

The children have been using the tape measures to measure items in the garden and each other, looking at how big and small things are. We have been building walls with the foam bricks and talking about how we build them with cement and the tools that we need to use. The children have been showing good sharing and turn taking skills! Well done Pre-school!

Easter fun

In the Little Toddler unit we have been integrating the theme of Easter into our play. We have been exploring a giant Easter nest, finding little baby chicks in colourful Easter eggs. The children showed such enjoyment in this activity, particularly opening and closing our Easter eggs, naming the coloured eggs we found and also counting how many we collected!

The children have been decorating a range of Easter egg pictures using a wide variety of resources. Children were provided with choice of resources and decided how they wanted their eggs to look. Some used sticking, whereas others used colouring and paint. We had great fun! These are now proudly displayed on our Easter display.

One of our favourite activities in Little Toddlers is water play! To integrate our role play theme which is dolls and babies, we decided to give our babies a bath. The children showed great enjoyment in this activity by splashing in the water and showing a caring nature towards the baby dolls.


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