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Wisbech Nursery September 2019

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Throughout September our Under Two’s have been learning about transport. They have watched the buses go by and the aeroplanes fly over in the sky, they have seen the trucks go about busily in the day and they have had fun riding around on the trikes and in the play cars in the garden.

Their Core story this month has been, George’s Racing Car from the Peppa Pig Collection.

The babies and young toddlers have been exploring different transportation in various ways, through sensory trays, “car washing”, making marks with vehicles in paint and shaving foam and designing their very own cars, with the help from their Mummies and Daddies.

EYFS Link: Physical Development – Moving and Handling – 16-26mths – Makes connections between their movements and the marks they make.

Our Big Toddler’s and Pre-schooler’s theme for September has been “All about me” The children have been finding things out about each other, looking at the similarities and differences between them and how to be kind and caring to our friends.

Big Toddler’s Core Story of the month has been The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Our Pre-schoolers Core story of the month book has been The Very Brave Lion by Wendy Ravenhill. This is a very special story, as it was given to Preschool as a gift, to help comfort and reassure the new intake of children.

The Over Two’s children have been talking about their likes and dislikes, emotions and what makes them happy, scared and sad, they have been creating their own house pictures using different shapes, creating “selfie” pizza’s, in Cookery Club and painting their own self-portraits by looking at themselves in the mirror.

EYFS Link: Understanding the World – People and Communities – 16-50mths – Learns that they have similarities and differences that connect them to and distinguish them from, others.   

Fun fact: Did you know that lions can sleep for up to 20 hours per day!

Our Pre-schoolers have also been enjoying a new way of learning their letter sounds by making “Silly Soup”. Every fortnight they create a new “soup” using a different letter. They have all enjoyed participating in these group sessions and finding something beginning with that letter, to put into the mixing bowl. Our first letter has been, the letter S.

EYFS Link: Literacy – Reading – 40-60mths – Hears and says the initial sound in words.

You can share our Core Stories through our Books for Bedtime scheme or you can access some of our activities through our “Have a go at home” scheme, encouraging the positive partnership in learning between nursery and home.

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