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Wisbech Nursery September 2016

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Baby Unit

The babies have been exploring some natural resources which link to Autumn, including crunchy leaves and spiky pine cones. We have got creative with a range of textured resources such as stickle bricks, duplo blocks, sponges and cotton reels on brown paper to create different marks. The babies enjoyed tapping and banging these on to the paper to create our Autumn tree.

Toddler 1

This month, little toddlers have been busy creating a new Splash of Art display, investigating the texture of tissue paper by scrunching, rolling and pulling it apart into smaller pieces, which was great fun! The children showed lots of excitement with this, engaging adults and other peers in their experience, working alongside others and creating the pictures together as they shared glue and tissue paper.

Toddler 2

Toddlers have been exploring the new autumn season by having a go at using things we found in the garden to create artwork, such as gluing with leaves to create a textured display.  For many of the children it has been our very first month at Blackberries. To get to know each other we have been the “hello” song to learn each other’s names. We also have been using the mirrors to look at ourselves, and to try and draw our reflection.  We then added these to our all about me display.


Pre-School have been exploring the topic ‘All about me’. The children have been looking at themselves in the mirrors and drawing their self-portraits using a variety of different mark making resources. Their self-portraits were fantastic.

The children have enjoyed bathing their babies and naming all of their body parts and talking about themselves as babies. They have talked about their own body parts and we sang head shoulders knees and toes as we washed the babies.

We have explored the water tray with red water and the guttering pipes, thinking how they can successfully pour the water down the pipes so that it reached the bottom tray.


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