Wisbech Nursery October 2016


We have been having lots of fun indoors exploring our new ball pit and exploring the different ball pit balls. We have been picking them up with our hands to touch and kicking them about with our legs and feet squealing with excitement!

Toddler 1

This month the Little Toddlers have been exploring the different expressive arts boxes, filled with a variety of musical and physical activities. The children showed a high interest to the musical instruments, we explored ways of making various sounds and used these alongside song time as well.

The children also showed a great interest to the parachute and balls, we promoted lots of engaging with others, sharing and playing peekaboo, the children were full of energy and giggles throughout.

Toddler 2

Children have had lots of fun investigating in the new role play area in the room. They have tried different Halloween costumes on and they were then looking at themselves in the mirror.

We liked dressing up and looking at Halloween pictures, we then decided to look at some real pumpkins; we have cut them up to see what’s inside them. Once we cut the pumpkin, we scooped the inside out, we then decided to put in in the tray and continue to play with it.


This month Pre-school have been very busy creating a Blackberries Farm Shop role play area. We used real fruit and vegetables and we have been having fun learning about where they are grown and we even tried our purchases from the farm shop, they were delicious!!

We extended our theme of the farm shop, autumn and harvesting by taking a trip in the Blackberries bus to the pumpkin farm. We joined the children from Blackberries Preschool in March and we had lots of fun exploring the pumpkin field. We looked at the sizes of the pumpkins and we even got to help Martha to take the pumpkins from the tractor and put them in the crates ready for other children to buy. We learnt about how pumpkins are grown from a seed, and we saw how they were harvested by being cut by their stalks and then the tractor collected them.  We all had lots of fun and we are looking forward to carving our pumpkins that we brought back to nursery.

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