Wisbech Nursery May 2020

Jun 2, 2020News, Wisbech Latest News

As the Key Worker children returned to Blackberries, we have used the rainbow symbol as (a positive sign of hope) as our main focus for our creative activities.

Our Core story throughout the Nursery, has been The Rainbow Fish. A story about a beautiful fish, who becomes unhappy because he has no friends, but when he shares his shiny scales with the other fish, he realises that by sharing and being kind, makes him lots of friends and in turn makes him happy.

The children have enjoyed listening to the story each session and the Preschool children are now starting to recall what happens next and what the moral of the story is.

Fun fact: Rainbows are actually circles but they look like arches when we view them from the ground.

Our Under Two’s children have been making rainbow pictures, stained glass rainbow fish and painted fish pictures.

Our Over Two’s children have been painting rainbows on Perspex, painting and sticking fish shaped templates and turning their role play area into an aquarium.

EYFS links:

Physical Development: Moving and Handling – 16-26mths – Makes connections between their movement and the marks they make.

Literacy: Reading – 16-50mths – Shows an interest in books and begins to describe main story events and principal characters.

Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring and using media and materials – 30-50mths – Explores colour and how colours can be changed.  

Expressive Arts and Design: Being Imaginative – 22-36mths – Beginning to make believe by pretending

You can share our favourite stories via our Parents Storyhub in Parent Info tab or you can access some of our activities through our “Have a go at home” scheme, encouraging the positive partnership in learning between nursery and home.

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