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Wisbech Nursery June 2016

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In the baby unit we have been having lots of fun outside in our garden, enjoying the nice weather that we have had. We have been having lots of water play with different resources such as the bath toys, animals and bubbles. We really enjoy splashing! We also like to have some time relaxing in the swing, and also like to explore our ball pit. Some of us have also been practicing our walking skills outdoors too.

Little Toddlers

Even though the weather has not been very kind to us with lots of rain, it provided us with a perfect opportunity for some puddle splashing!

Popping on our wellies we raced outside to the massive puddle out in the garden, we joined hands to splash together encouraging our friends who were a little unsure to join in too!!

The sunshine has been lovely but we do hope there are more puddles on the way for us to enjoy.

Big Toddlers

We have been having lots of fun in the garden investigating different types of leaves. We collected a range of them and decided to do leaf printing which turned out to be a really fun activity!

Whilst playing with the bikes we decided they need a good wash and it would be fun if we did it in the garden. We worked really hard to wash bikes and make them nice and clean!

We really enjoy painting, making lots of different types of marks and shapes. Recently we have been mixing different colours together and we were fascinated in watching the colours change.


Pre-School have been busy exploring all about Space. We have made space helmets from junk modelling, as well as rockets from bottles, which we painted and added wings. We have talked about the Solar system and the planets, learning fun facts and we have explored the shapes and colours of the different planets. We sang space themed songs and our favourite song was “5 Little men in a flying saucer”. We built a huge rocket together and we covered it in tin foil so that we could pretend to be spacemen blasting up to the moon where we met some green aliens.


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