Wisbech Nursery January Forest Schools 2020

Feb 6, 2020Forest School Latest News, Forest Schools News

Throughout January, the children have enjoyed using the Forest School area, they have been exploring the wet, cold and frosty weather, through walking through the frosty leaves, gathering rain water and watching the ice melt.

The children went on a scavenger hunt through the forest and used the items they had collected to make a Nature collage.

Using the squelchy mud that happened when the rain fell, they made mud pictures, using sticks to create their marks on paper and they had fun jumping in muddy puddles. 

The children were interested to know, where the bird’s nest had gone, so set about trying to make their own out of twigs, leaves and moss. They talked about what would make a good nest for a bird.  

The children having been learning about what happens to the wildlife in the Winter and where they can find sustainable food, to keep them going through the cold Winter months.

Fun Facts: Spending time in nature is important for our mental health. A walk-through nature is great for relaxing anxiety.

EYFS links:

Physical Development: Moving and Handling 22-36mths Climbs confidently.

Understanding the World: The World 30-50mths Talks about why things happen.

Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring and using media and materials 30-50mths Beginning to describe the texture of things.