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Wisbech Nursery January 2019

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Throughout January, we have all been exploring the Arctic. Our Core Story has been Snow Bear by Piers Harper.
You can access a copy of our Core Story to read at home through our Books for Bedtime scheme or how about taking a trip to the local library, to see what else you can find out the Arctic.

Our Under Two’s have been exploring the sensory properties of “snow” and ice. They have used the Artic animals to make paw prints on paper. They have made their own penquin and polar bear pictures with paper pieces and cotton wool. The children were very hands on in the sensory trays.

Our Toddlers have explored the Arctic through coloured gloop, ice, material, water beads and small world play with the Arctic animals. We have been talking about their habitat and what the animals like to eat, whilst the penguins like to eat fish, they also like sandwiches, apparently! The children have also been exploring the softness of “snow”, through flour play.

Our Pre-schoolers have been exploring and understanding the habitat of the Arctic, they have building their own igloos for the animals. They explored a letter recognition activity in the garden, finding hidden letters on snowflakes, amongst the snow. They enjoyed making snowflake biscuits, especially when it came to decorating them with sweets. The children explored the water tray with ocean mammals and icebergs.


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