Wisbech Nursery January 2018

Under Two’s

This month the children have been exploring our current topic “The Arctic”. This theme has been enjoyed through various sensory, messy and creative play, with one of our favourite activities being painting footprint trails using our small world arctic animals. We have also been investigating cold temperatures through play with ice and snow, where we have been talking about how the animals keep warm in such chilly temperatures.


This month we have been busy learning about the topic of Winter. Our focus story has been “The Polar Bear Paddle”, which the children have enjoyed reading, followed by asking many questions about the story and the animals within it.  We have been having lots of fun creating textured paint with shaving foam to make polar bears and penguins to display on our story wall. These turned out great and feel so velvety and soft!  We have also had fun exploring a winter sensory tray, adding the arctic small world animals to the tray to act our Polar Bear Paddle story.


During January in preschool the children have been learning all about the Arctic. We have had great fun playing in our igloo, dressing up for the freezing temperatures! We have discovered how Arctic animals move by having a go at Polar Bear Yoga and also a Penguin waddle race! We have also been watching some short clips of Blue Planet to see real animals in action and have been talking about what they eat, where they live and who they live with. We especially liked watching the arctic fox nose diving into the snow to catch some lemmings to eat! The children have been getting creative making igloos, polar bear and penguin pictures using our hands and feet.


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