Wisbech Nursery January 2017

Jan 30, 2017News, Wisbech Latest News

Baby unit:

During this month we have been investigating the sensory fibre optic lights. The babies have been fascinated by the ever changing colours, and experimented with reflection when we used a mirror shine the light onto.  The fibre optic light was a big hit, as the babies showed great enjoyment feeling the slinky strands, and watching at the end of the strands lit up again their hands and even on their feet!

Little Toddlers

This month we have been exploring porridge oats sensory play, we started with dried oats and explored this by filling containers using spoons, scoops and our fingers, also adding animals and cars to create a variety of marks. We then furthered this activity by adding water, and we used jugs to pour it in and then mixed it all together. We also added containers which we filled to created moulds. The children showed great enjoyment exploring this sensory play, it was great fun!

Big Toddlers

This month the Big Toddlers have been taking part in a variety of activities. Our favourites include bubble wrap painting, where the children using bubble wrap over a rolling pin to create some interesting a fun patterns, as well as looking and talking about at the different colours as the mixed together.

Another great activity was pasta threading, where the children’s hand-eye coordination and mathematical skills were developed as we placed pasta cubes onto spaghetti strands, and counted how many we could fit on. We had great fun!

We have also been reading a story ‘the Polar Bear Paddle’. The children have been very interested in this story as well as real life photos of polar bears. During cooking club we have made polar bear bread rolls, and as you can see, the end result was fantastic!


This month preschool have been exploring the winter season and learning about animals that live in arctic conditions. The children helped to create snow and ice, which we added arctic small world animals to who made their footprints and shapes in the snow. Some of the children placed the cars in the snow to see the tracks that they made.

The preschool children have enjoyed talking about the snow and were very excited when it began to snow briefly. The children used some white playdough to roll and mould and had lots of fun making snowmen with it. They used lots of descriptive language whilst creating their snowmen and even gave their snowmen names.