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Wisbech Nursery April 2017

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Baby Unit:

Now the warmer weather is arriving, the babies have shown a lot of interest in water play. Bubbles and water toys were added into our water play sessions this month, and the babies had great fun splashing around. The adult encouraged the babies to clap their bubbly hands, which made very bubbly babies. We had such great fun!

Little Toddlers:

The month our Little Toddlers have become little chefs, and have been busy making some chocolate Krispie cakes. The children all worked together to pour, stir and mix the ingredients together and shared around to our peers. The children showed a high involvement using words such as “more”, “stir”, “spoon” and “all gone”.  We couldn’t resist tasting some of our tasty creation, so after we were finished we all sat down to have a little taste.

Big Toddlers

In the Big Toddler Unit this month, we have recently being learning about how plants and flowers grow.  The children took part in an activity where we planted cress seeds and nurtured the seeds so that they flourished into cress. It has been fascinating for the children to watch our seeds change, and watch as the cress has grown taller each day.

To extend our activity once our cress was well grown, we decided to make egg and cress sandwiches. We used scissors to cut the cress, and added it into our boiled egg mix.  We made enough sandwiches to have for snack and to also take home and share with our families, which we were very excited about!


The preschool children have been learning about the season of Spring and Summer. During our outdoor playtime, we have been exploring the garden areas, looking out for seasonal changes such as plant and animal life. The preschool children have been having lots of fun learning about planting, nurturing and caring for plants. We took part in planting sunflower seeds which we can’t wait to watch grow and flower.  Other activities this month have included outdoor small world play using the tyres, cable reels and the guttering to create ramps and garages for their cars. The children used their problem solving skills as they worked together to build the best car ramps.


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