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Wisbech Nursery May 2019

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Throughout May the nursery children have been exploring the life cycle of butterflies, watching them grow from tiny caterpillars to their transformations into beautiful butterflies.

The younger children have been exploring mini beasts through tactile play, using a variety of sensory medium to begin their understanding of these tiny little creatures in the world around them.

Our Toddler’s have been exploring mini beasts in the nature area; sowing seeds and planting plants to encourage them into our outdoor areas and going on nature trails, to see what they can see.

Our Preschooler’s have been retelling the very hungry caterpillar story, through visual props and developing their mathematical development by counting and sorting the different coloured fruit and creating butterfly prints to show symmetrical images.

EYFS Link: Mathematics – Numbers 40-60 mths – Counts up to five objects by saying one number name for each item

The children were delighted to see the butterflies being released and some even paid the children a little visit before flying off into the sky.

You can share our Core Story “The very hungry caterpillar” through our books for bedtime scheme or you can access some of our activities through our “Have a go at home” scheme, encouraging the positive partnership in learning between nursery and home.

Fun fact: Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet, as they don’t have mouths?


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