Wisbech Nursery May 2018

Under Two’s

This month in under 2’s our theme has been Mini-Beasts. The children have enjoyed exploring the outdoor spaces to see what different mini beasts we can find and have also been exploring small world Mini-Beasts in a variety of materials such as rice, lentils and soil. We enjoyed getting creative by making our own Mini-Beasts using a variety of different mark-making methods, including hand prints, cardboard tubes, using paints, using glue and using milk bottle tops. This tied in well with our core story, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, which has been a huge hit among the children.

Toddler 2

This month the Toddlers have been busy experimenting with different ways of mark making in the outdoor area. We have had lots of fun expressing themselves through splatter painting, where we flicked the paint form the brushes onto the paper, experimenting doing this from different heights.  We have also enjoyed making their own musical instruments out of junk modelling resources, where we filled our creations with pasta and rice to make different sounds. The children have used their instruments during song times and are very proud of their creations.


Preschool are really enjoying taking part in activities around our current Mini-Beast theme. We have been exploring our nature garden searching for mini-beasts and identifying them against the mini-beast list. We have also taken our mini-beast theme into playdough play, creating fossil-like moulds. The children really enjoyed looking at and feeling the different patterns the mini-beasts made.


This month we went on an adventure to the park. We explored the nature area for minibeasts which ties in with our current theme, and found some ladybirds and worms. We all enjoyed a little picnic before having a go on the play equipment which was great fun!!


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