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Summer Term Wisbech

by Jul 1, 2015Wisbech Latest News0 comments

Wisbech Baby Unit

We have planted some new herbs in our baby garden. We have really enjoyed investigating the plants using our senses of smell and touch. We have been able to point out the new flowers that are beginning to bloom. We have extended this experience by creating our own flowers inside for our Summer display to reflect the new colours beginning to show.

We have been exploring a different kind of sensory experience- Cereal! We have used pots and spoons to fill and empty with the cereal. Our favourite thing to do is shake the full pots and watch the cereal fly everywhere! We have been using our fine motor skills by picking the cereal up from the tray and crunch them in our hands. What’s great is that we can also use our sense of taste to help us explore the cereal!

During our music and movement sessions we have really enjoyed the wheels on the bus song. We have been watching the actions and joined in with these and our own dancing. We have used our shape sorter bus as part of rhyme time to show the wheels moving round.

Wisbech Toddler One

To introduce a fun new way of painting and mark making we decided to use bubble wrap on our feet to paint on a large piece of paper. We attached pieces of bubble wrap to our feet and experimented with different ways of moving around the paper, such as jumping, walking and running. To support the understanding of mark making we used one colour each so that we could see where our feet have been. We all really enjoyed both observing and participating in this activity.

Wisbech Toddler Two

This term we have been looking at ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ story as our core text. We have been focusing on the different fruits from the story and using a variety of different resources to decorate our fruits with. We showed good knowledge with what each fruit was and how many pieces of each fruit the caterpillar had eaten during the story.

We have been experiencing some really nice weather and have been exploring our outside area. We have had lots of fun playing in the sand pit and working together to build sand castles. We have also been enjoying our bikes and cars outside, pretending we are going to the shops.

As part of our sensory exploration we have enjoyed exploring the gloop, we liked the way the gloop was solid in the tray but as soon as we picked it up, it turned runny. We love being hands on with our creative activities and couldn’t wait to start exploring!!

Wisbech Pre-School Unit

We have shown a big interest in pirates, so we have been doing lots of activities involving pirate related fun! We’ve even made our own pirate ship! The children loved painting on it it using different mediums- roller painting, finger painting, sponging and using sticks to make marks! We then made a flag for it and sails and used it for our role-play fun. We even braved “walking the plank” over the “deep blue sea”! Now we plan to do lots more pirate things- making pirate hats and pirate dress up, having our very own treasure hunt, reading pirate stories and making a treasure chest to name a few! We’ve also investigated floating (like ships) and sinking; having experiments to learn what it means to ‘float’ or ‘sink’.

We have also been looking at the Summer, taking part in lots of summer themed play and fun exploring the change in weather and what we need to do to stay safe in the sun! We have created our own sea creatures to hang in our room and explored the features of them through stories and discussion.


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