Our Pre-School is positively led by our Early Years Professionals offering highly effective teaching. This ensures that children make excellent progress in their learning and development and are well prepared for the move to school or next step in their learning.

Our pre-school children learn individually and with others through play. We offer our children an Outstanding play-based curriculum, which meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and supports all aspects of their learning and development. It supports their inbuilt curiosity and desire to make sense of the world around them and helps them to discover that learning is interesting and fun.

Our children play in a secure homely child centred environment with high adult/child ratios allows the children to explore, investigate and enjoy the learning experience. We help them to practice and develop ideas, concepts and skills. We deliver the Key Principles in many ways, focusing on the three prime areas of Physical, Social and Communication and Language Development

We offer Early Years Physical Sport and Gymnastics via our Sport programmes, where children participate in early physical development delivered by qualified coaches. Early opportunity to create competitive skills and develop friendships with other children in a sporting way supports positive and stimulating brain development, coordination skills and develops a healthy body.

Our Sticky Kids programme; this group activity encourages children to enables the children to develop not only their physical skills but also their language and social skills by joining in with our practitioners in Singing, Dancing, Drama and Storytelling this all supports a child’s confidence and social skills immensely. It allows a child to be creative and use their imagination whist having fun!

Each child is encouraged to wear our nursery uniform creating a sense of belonging developing social and personal skills as part of our “Ready For School” programme. Our nursery experience ensures each child will be more prepared for their first day at school and ready to reach their potential.

Free Government Nursery Educational Funding is available for 2-4 year olds. From September 2017 we are offering up to 30 hours per week. We offer a limited number of Term-Time only pre-school places. Please speak to our Setting Managers for more information.

Our Out & About programmes support children in their Knowledge and Understanding of their own surroundings. Our Key practitioners take the children on termly outings to discover the world around them visiting Farms, Parks and Local Places of interest.

Come and see us for yourself.

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