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Peterborough Nursery September 2016

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We have been welcoming lots of new babies to the room and getting to know them and their families. All the babies have enjoyed exploring the sensory baskets, rolling the balls and looking at the books. Baby room have been doing lots of messy play; painting, shaving foam play and rice painting. Babies loved exploring the rice in paint and then using it to make marks on the paper.

Toddler 1

Little Toddlers have been doing “All about me” this month and explored the paint using their hands and glitter pens, to make their own hand print pictures for the display board.

We have been listening to the story Aliens love under pants and we have been washing play under pants and hanging them up on a line, the children were using pegs to peg up the washing. This was great fun.

Toddler 2

Big Toddlers explored the large mark making paper on the floor using gross motor skills to make their own pictures, with different colours and meanings.

The children have explored books individually and with the adult support to turn the pages around the books and have chosen their own books to read.


The topic for September has been ‘All about me’. The children have been looking at themselves and their bodies. The children have used mirrors to look at their facial features and made a self-portrait, using different coloured paints and a cooking activity where they made their own wrap faces.

The Over Two’s have been very intrigued in receiving our new ‘Pets’ at nursery this month. We have welcomed 12 new stick insects and the children have enjoyed looking at them daily and handling them gently.

We have launched our Little Chefs Cooking club. We have made pizza hands, using tomato puree, cheese, ham and this was great fun!


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