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Peterborough Nursery November 2019

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The nursery children continue to their trips to the Tudor care home, they have been decorating biscuits, playing parachute games along with rhyme times.


Personal and Emotional Development

  • Seeks out others to share experiences
  • Initiating conversations and forming good relationships with peers and familiar adults

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Shows interest in the lives of people who are familiar to them.
  • Remembers and talks about significant events in their own experience

Our older children have been exploring their local environment and have enjoyed investigating the weathers learning opportunities.


Knowledge and Understanding

  • Comments and asks questions about aspects of their familiar world such as the place where they live or the natural world.
  • Can talk about some of the things they have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects.
  • Talks about why things happen and how things work

Our younger children have been reading ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’, and have been on their own bear hunting adventures in the nature garden.

They have been exploring a range of sensory experiences to recreate the story. The children were very excited to find the bears.



  • Has some favourite stories, rhymes, songs, poems or jingles.
  • Repeats words or phrases from familiar stories.

Physical development

  • Enjoys the sensory experience of making marks in damp sand, paste or paint.

Expressive art and Design

  • Expresses self through physical action and sound.
  • Pretends that one object represents another, especially when objects have characteristics in common.
  • Beginning to make-believe by pretending

Have a go at home

Why not join us in reading our core story – ‘Going on a bear Hunt’ and have some adventures at home. We would love to see your pictures.

Fun Fact

Rain is droplets of water that fall from clouds. Heat from the sun turns the moisture(water) from plants and leaves, as well as oceans, lakes and rivers into water vapour(gas), which disappears into the air. This vapour rises, cool and changes into tiny droplets which form clouds. The clouds join to form bigger drops when the water droplets get too large and heavy, they fall as rain.

Big heavy droplets are called rain and the smaller droplets are called drizzle.

It take 700 drizzle droplets to make 1 rain droplet.


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