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Peterborough Nursery May 2020

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This month we welcomed back some of our children! The children were really excited to return back to nursery and enjoyed taking part in different nursery activities! We was all very excited to be reunited with each other.

We have continued with the children’s interest of rainbows and how they are all over our local communities and in their households, by exploring and reading the story ‘Rainbow Fish’. The children have taken a keen interest in this theme and have shared all their experiences on rainbows, and all the different places that they have seen them, from drawings on the path, shop windows and even in their bedroom windows! The children have spent a lot of time outside in the garden, engaging in water play and acting like rainbow fish. We have been painting pictures of rainbow fish, making collages and even taking turns to play in small sensory trays! The children enjoyed making their own batch of play dough and even decided to make their playdough into Rainbow fish! They was excited to take their playdough home to show their family.

We have continued with our virtual gardening club, and taken good care of our plants and flowers here at nursery. We have been watering our plants and flowers twice a day with the weather being so lovely. We found different ways to water them such as with the hose, sprinkler, watering cans and even large teapots! The children really enjoyed when we got to plant new flowers to add to our nature garden. We spoke about how they grow, and the children identified they need water, soil and sunshine to help them grow big and strong.

Over twos have been busy making our very own ‘Blackberries Garage’ in our bike garden. We used an old storage cupboard, and converted it into a garage using our own pictures and resources! The children loved fixing their cars and bikes, even filling up their cars with ‘petrol’!

Under twos have been really engaged in their sensory activities this week. They have been taking part in dance parties and sticky kids, following the instructions to different music and songs. They have also been exploring the world around them, from grass to water play. The grass was lovely and soft for the babies to explore with their hands and feet. In the water, they were washing the babies and also playing with different coloured fish after showing keen interest in our pet goldfish in the baby room.


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