Peterborough Nursery June 2020

June has flown by with so much fun had with all the children who returned in phase one, it has been lovely to see you all again.

We have had a complete mix of weather which has been lots of fun to explore, even in the rain we have enjoyed jumping and splashing in the puddles. You can’t have a rainbow without rain. We also enjoyed painting with the water to create marks.

Fun fact: A “double rainbow” is where a second, much fainter arc can be seen outside of the primary arc. This is caused by the light reflecting twice inside the water droplets. As a result of this double reflection the colours of the second arc are inverted with violet on the outer edge and red on the inner edge.

The 30 days wild project has created lots of exciting experiences, with a new challenge each day, we’ve used tools to cut and then create our own nature pictures, we have looked after the plants keeping the, watered on the hotter days and we have been on bird and bug hunts using the binoculars.

Links to EYFS:

Personal, Social and Emotional development – Making relationships, Self-confidence and Self awareness

Communication and Language – Talking, Understanding, Listening and attention

Physical development – Moving and handling, Health and Self-care

Understanding the world – The world, People, and communities

Expressive Arts and Design – Exploring and Using Media and Materials, Being Imaginative

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