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Peterborough Nursery June 2016

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The babies have done apple printing to discover different outlines, as well as developing the babies fine motor skills.

We have also been exploring sawdust, using spades and different shaped containers to fill.

During our snack times, we have been eating different fruits to explore different flavours and textures whilst being healthy.

Little Toddlers

This month we have been focusing on the beach theme. We have been decorating digestive biscuits using green, yellow and red icing to look like beach balls.

We also have been exploring different textures by playing with cornflakes. We talked about how the cornflakes felt in our hands and we looked at descriptive language such as hard, soft, wet, dry, smooth and rough.

We have been getting very messy this month. One of our favourite activities was jelly play. We used our hands to feel the texture of the jelly, we also used spoons to scoop it up and most of all we enjoyed trying to eat it!

Big Toddlers

Some children are using their senses to explore the little plants and was happy to see them growing.

The children are exploring the mark making board in the garden and giving meanings to their different marks.

Small group of children are exploring the farm animals in the sawdust tray and talking about the animals and sharing the animals with interest.


Overall Pre School were focusing on Space! We have talked about space, astronauts, rockets, space ships, aliens and we have made own rockets by gluing different shapes on a paper.

We also made astronauts pictures using a paper plate, foil and had to draw our face inside the mask!

We used foil to became an alien and pretend we were from another planet.


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