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Peterborough Nursery January 2020

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For the month of January our younger children have had a sensory month with ice play and treasure baskets. The Chinese Dragon was very soft and colourful. The children enjoyed wearing the costume as they moved to the  sound of the music.

Sensory play helps children to develop their physical skills; sensory play introduces actions such as shaping, scooping and moulding. These skills require multiple muscles to work together which helps a child’s fine motor skills. Sensory play also helps with children’s cognitive development and helps to  make sense of the world around them.

Preschool have been exploring and learning all about the celebration of Chinese New Year. The children have enjoyed the sensory experience of exploring Chinese noodles with our Chinese dinnerware, talking about the different meals the children enjoy and what they enjoy eating in China. They have been making their own Chinese creations, including lanterns, dragons and our own Chinese characters (writing)! They have also thoroughly enjoyed trying on our Dragon costume to participate in their own Chinese New Year celebration with authentic Chinese music!

After reading the story about Super worm, children in our over twos have been busy digging to find their own worms. They have been learning all about the worms habitats by making a wormery in the garden.

To develop hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills the children have been using the larger tweezers to find our own home made spaghetti worms hidden in the soil. They found big ones, long ones along with some very small ones.

They also found their own very long super worm!

Have a go at home

Why not make your own wormery and learn about the wiggly earth worms and their life underground.

Make Wormery explore what happens underground


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