Peterborough Nursery December 2019

December was full of festive celebrations,

During little chefs cooking club the children made mince pies and melted snowmen.

Some of the preschool children took a trip to the local garden centre to select and purchase a Christmas tree for the nursery where the children decorated it with their home made decorations.

The children  also entered a Christmas tree for the Thorney Abbey Christmas tree festival.  The theme this year was past and present.

The children choose their favourite book, ‘Bears winter house’ and decorated the  tree in the past and present seasons.


Autumn decorations for the tree were made from the toddlers foot prints whist the snowflakes were created by the our preschool children who displayed good hand and eye coordination with their cutting skills.

We also raise money for Save the Children by participating in Christmas jumper day.  We all  wore our best festive jumpers and participated in a variety of Christmas based activities whilst leaning about how we can help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We also held a carol concert at the Tudor care home for the residents.  We all had a wonderful time.

Our local police offices also came to visit to talk about people who help us. We had a fun time exploring the police van

We ended the term with our Christmas stay and play party for our families.  

The day was full of fun, games, activities and laugher. We even had a very special visit from Father Christmas who gave all the children a gift  and a certificate for being good. 

Fun Fact

According to tradition, you should eat one mince pie on each of the 12 days of Christmas to bring good luck. It’s technically illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day in England. In the 17th century, Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas pudding, mince pies part of efforts to tackle gluttony.

Have a go at home

Why not have a go and make some banana bears and read the story ‘Bears Winter House’ by Written by John Yeoman, Quentin Blake.

Banana Bears (Vegetarian, Gluten free)


  • Bananas to use as the bears body
  • Blueberries for the bears nose
  • Strawberries for the ears
  • Chocolate chips for eyes

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