Peterborough Nursery August 2016

Baby Unit

The Baby Unit has been exploring different textures with the dinosaurs, feeding them the pasta, shredded paper and porridge oats. We have also been exploring the puzzles in the garden, fitting in the different shapes in the puzzle.

The Babies have been learning to climb up and down the slide having lots of fun in the sunshine.

Little Toddlers

Little toddlers have been making their own sandwiches, where they were able to choose their fillings and we learn how to use one handed tools, by using a knife.

We have been practicing our balancing on the beams out in the garden and walking across with and without support.

Big Toddlers

The Big Toddler children enjoyed playing in the nature garden and explored the new music wall. They made different rhythms, making quiet and loud sounds. They could also learn to take turns and sing whilst playing music.

In the garden, the children counted sticks and made a little tent with the adult, being able to talk about holidays, different types of tents and walked into the tent. Some children made different marks on the floor with chalk, using different coloured chalk, drawing their own pictures and talking about what they do.

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