Peterborough Nursery April 2018

Under 2’s

This month the babies have focusing on the theme of “Under the Sea”. During our play, we have taken part in lots of different sensory, messy and creative play. This has included exploring the foamy blue shaving foam, and glittery water play where we have been splashing with the small world sea animals. We have extended our learning by focusing on colours, and the children have enjoyed having a go at making paint splats!


The children in big toddlers have enjoyed getting creative, exploring lots of different forms of mark-making. Investigating paint has been by far one of the favourite activities, and the children particularly enjoyed manipulating and mixing paint under clingfilm wrapped tables. We have also taken a trip to the local care home to decorate some cakes with the elderly, as well as taking a nature walk to explore the natural environment. We discovered different animals and insects which was very exciting, and we couldn’t wait to share our trip with our friends when were returned to nursery.


This month we have been looking at our new core story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. During registration time, the children have been reading the story and acting out the story with the story sack. We have been learning all about life-cycles, and relating this to our story as we talked about the cycle of a Caterpillar to a Butterfly. To bring our learning to life, the children have used tissue paper to wrap each other up in and then have been breaking out like a beautiful butterfly!


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