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Peterborough Nursery May 2017

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Baby Unit

This month, the babies have been investigating a new summer themed sensory play each week.  Exploring with scents, textures and mark making, the babies water play activities have been even more fun when we added different scents using fruit slices.

We have also explored ice play, the babies enjoyed this so much we extending this and made ice chalk. The children were able to explore the ice and as it melted could look and see the different coloured marks the ice chalk made on the paper.

We have also enjoyed having our Stay and Play session where we had grandparents come and play for the hour. We explored sand play with sea shells, where the babies liked to scoop the sand inside the moulds to make sandcastles.

Little Toddlers

This month, the toddlers have enjoyed extending their sensory exploration by taking part in a variety of messy activities. To tie in with our recent stories of interest, which have included “That’s not my Hedgehog”, the children have enjoyed playing in the sensory tray full of green objects to represent grass and hidden hedgehogs that we had to try and find.

The children also enjoyed going on a nature walk down the river, where we were looking out for different types of plants and flowers. We also heard lots of different noises during our walk, and the toddlers particularly enjoyed listening out for the tweeting birds.

Over 2’s

The over 2’s units have been very busy this month. We have had the pleasure of helping David as he created and upgraded our lovely bug hotel, where we found lots of spiders, ear wigs and centipedes already comfortable in their new homes.

The over 2’s had great fun joining in with the outside classroom day, where all the children enjoyed exploring the garden, using the nature garden to explore the beautiful flowers and making wooden block towers and using the shaving foam as cement!



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