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Peterborough Nursery 2016

by Nov 29, 2016News, Peterborough Latest News0 comments

Baby Unit:

The Baby unit have been focusing on Sensory based activities. This month we have explored various Autumn Fruits/Vegetables using their different senses. The babies really enjoyed investigating these, feeling their texture. We have also had various messy activities, such as tissue paper and tin foil exploration.

Light and Dark Topic:

This month we have been having great fun these using glue and glitter on dark coloured paper to represent fireworks and bonfire’s. To extend this we then went on to talk about the topic “Light and Dark”. We looked around our rooms and garden area to find light and dark spaces and objects. The children also made pictures of sun’s and moons, and we talked about times of the day we sleep because its dark and wake up because its light.

Shoe Box Appeal:

This month we created some gifts for the Shoe box appeal and we delivered these to the Samaritans group who will pass these onto people who are less fortunate over the Christmas period. The children really enjoyed taking part in this event and showed good understanding of helping those in need.


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