Parent Information

Parent Information

Coronavirus Advice:

Face Coverings Must Be Worn

face maskWe will require all parents, and visitors to the settings to wear face masks, and this will include any staff or managers visiting other settings. Anyone not wearing mask will not be allowed to enter the setting. Parents will not be allowed into the Nursery during session time’s, however for important meetings, visits and settling in sessions for new children, parents will be welcomed in to complete paperwork, and discuss their child in our foyer welcome zones – and face coverings must be worn at all times.

Tougher measures are now being implemented by the Government for not complying to wearing masks in certain situations.
Please read the latest guidance on facial coverings:

Settings are thoroughly cleaned in between visits, handovers, and every hour.
Our Staff members have already been provided with a mask and these are worn whilst Social Distance Marshalling. Masks are also worn whilst preparing food in the kitchen.

By working together, we can help to reduce the risk of transmitting the infection to other people.

Face Coverings Must Be Worn Poster

Travel Update:

We ask that you ensure that you declare all holidays and travel, to your Nursery Managers or Head Office and complete a Holiday Form before you travel, even if the destination where you intend to travel to has not been added to the Quarantine List – and this includes any members of your household. Quarantine decisions will be made by Management or Head Office, before your return to Nursery, from any travel that we feel poses a risk to the setting, and you may be asked to self-isolate. We will also require you to complete a Travel Declaration Form before your child returns to the setting.

Please update yourselves on the latest travel news for COVID 19:

Please click on the links below to download copy documents:

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