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Ofsted say we are Outstanding August 2013!

by Feb 5, 2014Wisbech Latest News0 comments

Congratulations to our Wisbech team! The inspector said our Wisbech Nursery was Outstanding.

“The uncompromisingly high standards expected by the nursery management team result in a very high quality curriculum delivered by motivated and professional practitioners through highly effective teaching. This ensures that children make excellent progress in their learning and development and are well prepared for the move to school or next step in their learning.

The inspiring and personable nursery manager leads a professional and dedicated team of practitioners. Together, their creative thinking enables them to offer children challenging and stimulating activities within a positive, highly enabling environment.

Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and those speaking English as an additional language, are sensitively nurtured and make superb progress. The role of the key person in offering them support is securely embedded in practice and children are confident, happy and curious learners.

Children display very high levels of confidence and security as skilful practitioners encourage them to concentrate and become engrossed in their learning. They praise them frequently and offer them individual attention.

The nursery offers a flexible service to parents and children from the time they start attending. The warm, welcoming approach offered exemplifies the home based care and family ethos the nursery promote. This helps families relax, feel comfortable and confidently entrust the nursery with their child’s care”.


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