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March Nursery September 2018

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Under Two’s

This month in Under 2’s the children have taken part in an array in problem solving activities, which has also developed their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Using inset puzzles and object sorters, the children have been having-a-go at matching items up to achieve the aim. The children have also enjoyed using items such as Duplo blocks to experiment with building items together, and taking them apart and rebuilding in a new way.

Big Toddlers

This month in Big toddlers we have enjoyed learning the topic ‘All About Me’. The children have been busy creating pictures such as hand-prints and self portraits to go on our ‘All About Me’ display board. We have been taking part in a mixture of activities where children can use their 5 senses to explore. The children have also enjoyed reading our core story ‘My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh”, which has encouraged the children to talk about their families and home.


The Month in Preschool we have enjoyed getting back into our All4Sports sessions, where we have been practising our ball skills. The children have been having a go at following directions, which has included developing their knowledge of positional vocabulary by placing different body parts on the ball.




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