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March Nursery September 2016

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Baby Unit

This month we have been looking at messy play, exploring lots of different textures. We love to get messy and have had lots of fun, especially in the paint. After we had finished we like to get involved in water play so that we were ready to go and start again! We loved splashing in the coloured water and getting our friends really wet!

Little Toddlers

We have been looking at “All About Me” for our September topic. We have been creating our own pictures using lots of different colours to make marks on a template of ourselves. Pointing at our body parts and our friends. We have also been getting very messy and have been exploring lots of dry and wet textures. We loved getting lots of shaving foam on our hands and then clapping them together to make it snow!

Big Toddlers

This month big toddlers have been working on their independence trying to complete lots of different tasks by themselves. They have been serving up their own snacks and pouring drinks themselves using small jugs. We have also been working on their scissor skills cutting up a variety of different things from play-doh to paper. Our topic at the moment is “All About Me” so we have also been looking in the mirror to see what colour eyes and hair we have and practising drawing ourselves and our families.


This month we were very excited to be invited to go and see Zoolab at Aria Court in March, we took a small group of our Preschool children to see the animals. We were all able to hold Colin the Snake, and stroke George the very pretty frog who enjoyed jumping around. We were also lucky enough to see Princess Katie the Rat and a small Hedgehog. The children had a lovely time and we look forward to planning lots more trips out over the coming terms.


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