March Nursery June 2017

Under Twos

This month in the Under Two’s units, we have been busy working on lots of different mark making skills. The children have enjoyed using a variety of resources to make lots of interesting marks. A particular favourite has been the giant chalk stamps, where we experimented with different ways of moving them to create different effects. To develop our fine motor skills, we have also been engaging in a variety of activities which promote using different grasp types. Our colour matching cheerio’s activity went very well, and the children really enjoyed finding all the right colours to match their cup.

Big Toddlers

This month the Big Toddlers have been exploring lots of different messy play and creative activities. We have been experimenting with different types of mark-making activities, using our feet, sponges, brushes and more to create interest marks. We also had great fun during the recent “Health eating Week”, where the children enjoyed looking at, feeling, smelling and even tasting different food types, such as runner beans, celery, potatoes and carrots.


Preschool have been learning their phonics in lots of different ways this month. The children have really enjoyed playing silly soup, using the magnets to catch letters and see if we recognise them. In our garden area, the children have also enjoyed experimenting with mark making, using paint, shaving foam and many other resources to create different types of marks.

Our phonics activities have also been on the computer, as the children searched for familiar sounds, letters within our names, and also integrating mathematics when we looked for the missing number in number sequences.

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