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March Nursery June 2016 Toddlers and Pre-School

by Jun 28, 2016March Latest News, News0 comments

Big Toddlers

We have been spending more time in the garden due to the lovely weather! Exploring the new resources that have been created for us by our handyman David. We loved dancing on the stage and performing to our friends, we have also been making lots of sounds using our music wall exploring the different sounds that the various objects make. We especially liked the big drum as it was very loud!


This month we have been exploring the life of Pirates, we have enjoyed designing our own maps to follow and seeing if they lead us to the gold. We have then been using different ways of seeing how much gold we have we have weighed them, counted them and measured them. We have had a lovely time dressing up as Pirates and learning new Pirate songs to sing on the stage in the garden. We also really enjoyed making boats to see which ones would float and which ones would sink.


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