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March Nursery July 2019

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Throughout June our Babies and Little Toddler’s have been exploring Summer. Their Core Nursery Rhyme for the month is Five little Ducks.

They have shared photos of their holidays, as part of working with parents as partners, they have made different summer sensory trays using sand and water to explore freely in. The children have also been getting creative to make their own Sun pictures.

EYFS Link: Communication and Language – Listening and attention 8-20 months – Moves whole bodies to sounds they enjoy, such as music or a regular beat.

Our Big Toddlers and Pre-schooler’s have been talking about their communities and all the people that help us.

They have been out on a walk to with some of the residents from Aria Court, supporting each other to cross the roads safely.  The children have enjoyed dressing up as different people that help us and helping all their peers to feel better in their role play doctors area.

The children have also been busy exploring in the garden, looking after the plants and vegetables to see if they need more water. They have looked at the different parts of flowers using their core story How do Flowers Grow.

By using How do Flowers Grow in their small world activities; they have retold stories through imaginative play as well as noticing changes within their environments.  

EYFS Link: Expressive Arts and Design – Being Imaginative 30-50 mths – Engages in imaginative role-play and builds stories around toys.

You can share either of our Core Stories through our Books for Bedtime scheme or you can access some of our activities through our “Have a go at home” scheme, encouraging the positive partnership in learning between nursery and home.


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