March Nursery July 2017


This month the Toddlers have had a great time on their adventure out to the local Garden Centre, on the hunt for some pretty items to add to the garden. On our walk to the centre, the Toddlers all remembered our outing safety rules, and all held hands with a friend and staying next to the adults. The children all seemed to enjoy exploring the centre, finding lots of different types of plants and flowers. Back at Blackberries, the children are all remembering to water our new plants each day so that we can watch them grow and flourish in the garden.


This month the Preschool leavers had a very successful first Sports Day. The children have been practising for the sports day over the past couple of weeks in their All for Sports sessions with Coach Mark. The children had a fantastic day playing a variety of games including, the egg and spoon race, obstacle course run and ball skills race. The children received medals and certificates for their participation. Thank you to parents and carers who came along and supported the fun day!

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